DigiLibrary, Electronic Material Service, User Conditions

1. Subject and Parties to the Contract

1.1. With this contract (hereinafter “User Conditions”) the Customer and Posti Group Corporation agree on the use of the online material service, DigiLibrary, which requires registration. The service is provided by Grano Oy to Posti Group.

In this contract, the material services requiring registration provided by Posti Group are referred to as the “Services”, the person using the Services is referred to as the “Customer” and Posti Corporation as “Posti”. The customer has the right to refer matters relating to the Service to Posti.

1.2. The access to the material services requiring registration is limited to the personnel and partners of the Posti Group / corporation.

1.3. The content of the Services is defined according to these User Conditions and the information presented in connection with the provision of the Posti Services.

1.4. Posti contact information: Posti Group Corporation, Street address: Postintaival 7 A, 00230 Helsinki, Postal address P.O. Box 1, 00011 POSTI. Business ID 1531864-4. Enquiries relating to the Service: E-mail: digilibrary@posti.com.

2. Registration as a Customer and implementation of the Services

2.1. Using the Services requires registering as a Service user and accepting the User Conditions. The Customer will use the Services with the help of the user ID provided during registration.

2.2. Posti reserves the right to admit or to be without admitting User ID to the service.

3. Processing the Customer’s personal data

3.1. During registration, the Customer's peprsonal data is saved in Posti's [DigiLibrary’s] user register. The Customer’s personal data is handled according to the User Conditions and valid data protection legislation and the privacy policy drafted on its basis.

4. Notifications and bulletins relating to the User Conditions or Services

4.1. The Customer’s contact information is used in customer communications relating to Posti Services and contracts made by the Customer with Posti.

5. Customer’s liability

5.1. User IDs

When using the Services, the Customer accepts as binding all procedures that are performed using the Customer’s ID, by the Customer or upon his/her request.

If the Customer’s ID falls into the hands of a third party or is lost the Customer must change his/her ID or notify Posti thereof. Posti data security and data protection instructions include further information on handling the ID. Posti may only hand over the Customer’s user ID to someone other than the Customer if so authorised by the Customer or under the legislation in force.

5.2. Hardware

The Customer is responsible for the costs and operation of the hardware, software and data communications required for using the Services. The Customer undertakes to follow Posti’s currently valid operating, safety and other instructions when using the Services. Detailed information can be found in Posti’s data security and data protection instructions.

5.3. Data

The Customer must provide the necessary data for the Services and must immediately inform Posti of any changes to the data. The Customer is liable for the accuracy of any data it has provided via the Service.

5.4. Material

Posti saves images, brochures and other marketing material within the Service in the file formats the users require. The Service can be used to retrieve original digital material. The user can download and re-utilise the approved materials. In addition, the Service can include instructions on using the materials.

Posti is liable for the content of the material it publishes within the material service. The Customer is liable for ensuring that it uses, sends, saves or otherwise handles any material it has retrieved from the Service in a way that does not violate copyrights, or other rights, good practice or official regulations. Such violations may result in liability to compensate for any damage caused and lead to punitive sanctions.

5.5. Consequences

If it becomes evident that handling the material the Customer has retrieved from the Service may cause harm to Posti or violate copyrights or other rights, constitute an illegal act, violate any User Conditions or cause damage, Posti has the right to cancel the User Conditions due to abuse and terminate the use of the Services according to section 8.

6. Posti’s liability for the material service

6.1. Posti’s liability for the Services is defined in these User Conditions and, in addition, in connection with the Services.

6.2. Posti shall maintain the Services in such a manner that they are, as a rule, available 24 hours a day on every day of the week. Posti may temporarily abort the Services due, for example, to alterations or repair work or operations required by system maintenance.

6.3. Posti is not liable for disruptions and data communication disruptions due to technical faults, maintenance or the installation of information networks, information systems or data connections, nor for damages caused directly or indirectly by any delay, alteration or loss of information due to the said reasons and that are independent of Posti. Posti will try to notify customers in advance of future disruptions and disturbances.

6.4. Possible complaints and claims regarding the Service are handled according to Posti’s general contract terms.

7. Amendments to the agreement terms

7.1. The Customer is aware that Posti develops its services on an ongoing basis, which is why the selection and content of the available Services may alter. Posti also has the right to terminate Service production. Posti has the right to cancel the User Conditions according to sections 8.1, 8.2. and 8.3.

7.2. Posti has the right to notify of any change in the User Conditions in relation to the Services. Any change due to a change in legislation or an official decision will enter into force immediately. Other changes will take effect on the date given by Posti, as the changes are published.

8. Validity, termination and cancellation of Contracts and Services

8.1. Validity and termination of User Conditions

The User Conditions will take effect as soon as the Customer has accepted the contract terms relating to the Services and Posti has granted user ID to the Customer. The User Conditions will remain valid until further notice. Posti can terminate the User Conditions with 14 days’ notice. The Customer can terminate the User Conditions with 14 days’ notice. The period of notice is calculated from the date of the related notification. The Customer can terminate the User Conditions by email: digilibrary@posti.com

8.2. Cancelling the User Conditions

Posti has the right to cancel the Customer’s User Conditions without notice if the Customer’s employment with Posti or partnership with Posti has ended. Posti also has the right to cancel the Customer’s User Conditions without notice when Customer has not logged in to the service during the six (6) previous months.

I addition, Posti has the right to cancel the Customer’s User Conditions without notice if Customer uses the Services in violation of these User Conditions, the law or good practice, enters false information in the Services or uses or tries to use the Services in a manner that endangers their functionality or data security arrangements.

8.3. Closing the Services

Posti has the right to close the Services entirely or in part, if

9. Other Terms and Conditions

9.1. Posti retains all rights (proprietary rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights) to the Services and any material offered by Posti connected thereto.

9.2. This Agreement is governed by Finnish law. Any disputes arising from this contract shall be submitted for arbitration to the District Court of Helsinki.

9.3. Posti has the right to transfer the Customer’s contracts to another company belonging to the same Group.